Now Showing: Mark Griffiths 40th Anniversary Exhibition

30 May to 11 July 2015
The Leach Pottery presents a celebratory exhibition of work by Shropshire based potter Mark Griffiths to mark his 40th year as a professional potter. Known as a ‘big ware’ thrower, Griffiths continues to make high-fired stoneware in between commissions for large scale garden pots, and over the last twenty years has created hundreds of outdoor pieces for historic venues such as the Powis Castle estate and Hampton Court’s spectacular formal gardens.

In this, his first ever solo show at the Leach Pottery, Griffiths will showcase both his large, standalone pots and smaller domestic ware. Says Griffiths: ‘I feel incredibly privileged to have spent forty years making pots, often more by luck than judgement. It has been, and continues to be, a huge challenge to make pots that please both me and others, and I still feel that the pots that reach out and make the whole task mean anything are still to be made’.


Coming Soon: Glaze Alchemy

18th July to 6th September 2015

Glaze Alchemy, inspired by our current Emmanuel Cooper exhibition, brings together several makers whose practice engages with glaze and surface.



Joanna Wason
From the Studio
Warren MacKenzie.