Linda Styles - Substance & Surface

Lustre and on glaze decorative techniques

Date and time: Tuesday 27 September 2016, 11am - 3pm

Maximum number of students: 8

Cost: £80 per person to include all materials

Level: Any

An in-depth opportunity to explore various aspects of Linda's decorative process, following on from the 2 day workshop exploring intuitive free form, slip and glaze decoration, this standalone workshop involves the overlaying of precious metals on glaze colours and iridescent lustres onto already bisque and glaze fired terracotta tiles. For Linda, this final firing has become a firm fixture in her working practice, adding luminosity and depth to an already complex surface, Linda's motto being 'maximal' as opposed to 'minimal'.

11.00 - Introductory talk whilst handing around small-scale ceramic examples of Linda's work that demonstrate the methods to be explored on the course.

11.30 - Question and answer session over coffee.

12.00 - Workshop demonstration on how to apply lustre, precious metal and on-glaze colours.

12.30 - Decorate your wares, one to one guidance throughout, ending the session with a group critique.

2.50 - Clear up, distribute handouts.

3.00 - End of session.

Venue: The Clore Learning Studio, Beagle Cross, Leach Pottery, Higher Stennack, St Ives TR26 2HE




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