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Trevor Corser: 40 years a leach potter

Trevor Corser was the longest serving member of the Leach Pottery. Born in Oldham in 1938, he arrived in St Ives as a fisherman with no thoughts of becoming a potter and could not have imagined his future involvement in an artistic legacy so important to 20th century ceramics.




The companion show for Trevor Corser: 40 Years a Leach Potter presents heritage pieces made at the Leach Pottery from the mid 1960’s onward, including pots made by Trevor at the Leach Pottery and Gaolyard Studios, heritage pots from the Walker Collection including work by William Marshall, Shigeyoshi Ichino, and Janet and Bernard Leach, and a selection of the old Leach Standard Ware.

In the Entrance Gallery you can also see pieces from our permanent collection including works by Bernard Leach, Janet Leach, David Leach, Shoji Hamada, William Marshall, Michael Cardew, and Kenneth Quick. 


Old Pottery Workshop

Kat Wheeler: A Leach Potter in Japan

Leach production potter Kat Wheeler exhibits a collection of new works made during her 2015 PhD research and development trip to Mashiko, Japan, where Bernard Leach’s friend and colleague Shoji Hamada established his pottery, and ultimately one of the key centres of activity for the Mingei movement, in 1930.

Kat is only the third Leach potter to be sent to work and study in Japan as part of the ongoing relationship between St Ives and the pottery town of Mashiko.

Previous Exhibitions

Emmanuel Cooper: Glaze Alchemy

David Leach: Industrial Devils and Standardware


Entrance to the Old Workshop and Museum

Entrance to the Old Workshop and Museum

Courtesy of the Crafts Study Centre, UCA

Courtesy of the Crafts Study Centre, UCA