Leach Standard Ware - Different by Design

The Leach range of soda-fired Standard Ware is produced in our studio in St Ives by our dedicated team of production potters. The pots are decorated by dipping them into slips containing titanium, iron, cobalt and manganese oxides before the first firing.  In the second firing we spray bicarbonate of soda mixed with water into the kiln at 1200 degrees Celsius; the soda combines with the silica in the clay body to form a glaze. Although we use only four colours and a standard range of forms, the process itself produces an element of chance and randomness to our pots which makes the finish on each piece unique. We consider this variation and uniqueness to be the beauty of the soda-fired Standard Ware range - you will not find two pieces exactly the same and the joy is in the difference.*

*Please refer to our Variation Information at the bottom of this page.


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Mixing Bowl
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