Britta James



Trained in Germany Britta followed freely the ancient crafts tradition of travelling for three years and a day to deepen her skills and learning about different cultural aspects of ceramic. She worked for potters in Germany, France, New Zealand and England where she first worked for the Leach Pottery in 2010/2011. In particular, during her time with New Zealand potter Petra Meyboden, she learned about woodfiring and various techniques of decoration which had a great influence on her work.

In 2012 she became a permanent member of the production team at the Leach Pottery where she produces the new Leach Tableware.

Britta produces a wide range of well crafted wheel thrown kitchen and table ware, decorated while the clay is still soft to give depth to the decoration. For the decoration she uses a number of techniques such as stamping with various roulettes, impressing pieces of wood, cutting, adding clay or deform the pot.

The pieces are then glazed (celadon, shino, blue and copper red) and fired to 1300°C in reduction. The glazes vary in colour, whether they are thicker or thinner, and this further enhances the decoration.

Influenced by her journey, Britta’s pots are luscious and playful but deeply rooted within the formal language of traditional European pottery.