Clementina Van Der Walt


Clementina van der Walt is a well-known South African studio potter, based in Cape Town, who has in the past four decades lectured, run a production studio and held many one-person shows. Her work is represented in several international and South African national collections. She has participated in major shows abroad including eight consecutive years at Ceramic Art London.

Her signature work, which includes utilitarian, decorative and sculptural, explores the use of colour and patterns inspired by South African urban and rural landscapes.


“My intention is to ‘seek the sacred in the ordinary’

“Bernard Leach is the reason I got into ceramics in the 1970’s in South Africa. Although I subsequently moved away from the Anglo-Oriental tradition, in some ways there remains a memory which surfaces intermittently and draws me back to these roots.

When I came to do the residency at the Leach Pottery the challenge for me was using the studio standard clay and glazes, how to build on the Leach legacy and make my own mark. It has been a wonderful journey and opened up many possibilities which I now hope to develop further on my return to South Africa”

Clementina completed a 4 week residency at the Leach Pottery in St Ives in October 2016.