Kazuya Ishida

Kaz photo.jpg

In April 2018 we were fortunate enough to have Kazuya Ishida working in the Leach studio as part of a short residency. Kazuya was visiting from Bizen, Japan and made some breathtaking pieces that were fired in Oxford University's Anagama kiln.

'I aim to express the beauty of clay which cannot be realised by other means or material of creation. For instance, in my Spiral series, works are created by throwing a basic cylindrical form on a potter’s wheel, which is then followed by a process of carefully etching lines onto the surface. Then, it is thrown on the wheel again, thereby warping both the form and its motifs, giving birth to pieces that are organic at first glance and yet ordered in nature. This can be realised only through the material of clay, and my unique technique. '


Kazuya is the son of Bizen ceramic artist Yasuhiro Ishida. He graduated from Kyoto Pottery Technical Centre in 2007, going on to study under Jun Isezaki before coming to the UK to work at the Kigbear Pottery in Devon. Kazuya then spent a year working at the Whichford Pottery between 2012-13.  He returned to Bizen to build his own studio, from where he now works.