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Joe Finch - talk and demonstration

Free talk and demonstration by potter Joe Finch

Joe Finch started his career as a potter in 1964 apprenticed to his father Ray Finch at Winchcombe Pottery.  Whilst learning the more obvious skills such as throwing, glazing and firing, he developed a natural eye for strong, functional forms, and the flexibility to produce pots that people will both want and be able to afford.  In 1968 he travelled to Africa with his partner Trudi where he was sponsored to establish Kolonyama Pottery, Lesotho’s first studio pottery. On their return Joe and Trudi worked again at Winchcombe until 1973 when they moved to Appin in North West Scotland to set up their own pottery. The proximity of a sawmill persuaded Joe to use wood as a fuel. His love and fascination of wood firing continues and is now characteristic of his work. In 1980 he was invited to co-manage the Dartington Pottery Training Workshop for six months. They moved to Wales in 1984 living first in New Radnor, Powys and then on to West Wales where they work today making practical, unassuming, stoneware pots for every day use: dishes, bowls, jugs and plates, pots for cooking and serving food, vases for flowers.