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Workshop Inspired By Janet Leach : Free 'Have-A-Go' session

Janet Leach, who worked at and ran the Leach Pottery for almost 40 years, would be celebrating her 100th birthday on 15 March 2018. To celebrate her birthday, we are holding a free ‘Have A Go’ session in the Museum  on Friday 23 March from 1pm onwards. 

The workshop will be inspired by Janet’s unique style in hand-building and her expressive use of slips influenced by Japanese decorating methods.

Born in Texas and brought up by devout Methodist parents, Janet rebelled from their ‘prejudices’ and attended art school before moving to New York where she started her career as a sculptor. 

Throughout her early life, Janet was constantly seeking out her own path and eventually found clay through Bernard Leach, and his writings, and then through Shoji Hamada who she then trained under in Japan.

In the mid-1950s, Janet married Bernard Leach and moved to St Ives to begin her career at the Leach Pottery. She made pots until her death in 1997.