Matthew Tyas


Beginning a PhD in 2010, with the Leach Pottery and Falmouth University, I examined how digital technology could be used from a craft maker’s perspective to design and make 21st Century Standard Ware. The research led to new understandings of traditional Standard Ware and culminated in an exhibition of new work, at the Leach Pottery, in 2013.


After achieving my doctorate, in 2015, I coordinated and curated a number of exhibitions at the Leach Pottery, including two Cube Gallery exhibitions about Emmanuel Cooper and David Leach. Additionally, I edited two books: one about Cooper and the other on Trevor Corser. Alongside this work, I now also teach on the Leach Pottery’s intensive throwing courses.


I make pots at Bosence Farm in a workshop that is part of a drug and alcohol treatment centre, where I also give classes to residents. My current interests relate to exploring the expressiveness of the clay surface and developing glazes that respond to one another in the heat of the kiln.


My marks feature in: Yates-Owen, E., Fournier, R., 2015. British Studio Potters’ Marks, 3rd ed. Bloomsbury.