Individual Makers

We currently have work from 67 individual potters for sale in our shop and gallery in St Ives. As not all of you can make it to Cornwall- we are going to start adding all these makers to our webshop. Before this happens, if you are interested in buying work from any of these individual makers please feel free to get in touch and we can send you photographs of their work. Any potter in red now have work for sale online- just click on the link.

Tinni Arora

Ben Barker

Peter Beard

John Bedding

Clive Bowen

Amanda Brier

Pat Burns

Jacqueline Clark

Harriet Coleridge

Trevor Corser

Laura Crosland

Greg Daly

Sarah Dunstan

Laurence Eastwood

Joe Finch

Doug Fitch

Matthew Foster

David Frith

Margaret Frith

Russell Gibbs

Dave Griffin

Mark Griffiths

James Hake

Shinsaku Hamada

Tomoo Hamada

Hamada Family Kiln

Nic Harrison

Rick Henham

Ali Herbert

Shigeyoshi Ichino

Britta James

John Jelfs

Chris Keenan

Ella Phillips

Muchelney Pottery

Knightonmill Pottery

Nick Rees

Phil Rogers

Jordan Scott

Linda Styles

Louise Thompson

Mark Titchener

Tamsyn Trevorrow

Callum Trudgeon

Ruthanne Tudball

Matthew Tyas

Roelof Uys

Clementina van der Walt

Joanna Wason

Kat Wheeler