New Trustee Appointments:

The Bernard Leach (St Ives) Trust seeks to appoint two new Trustees with expertise in either Fundraising/ Income Generation, Legal/ Governance, or Comms & Marketing. We are looking for Trustees who will share the vision of the Leach Pottery and work with a committed group of fellow Trustees to support the strategic development of the Leach Pottery and its exceptional staff.


Please contact us at pottery by emailing and either Libby Buckley, Director or a Trustee would be happy to have an informal chat to tell you more about the opportunity.

We would actively encourage applications from young people and those with a diverse background.

Knowledge, experience or enthusiasm relating to modern studio ceramics and the story of Bernard Leach’s pioneering pottery in St Ives, Cornwall is also an advantage.

We are embarking on the delivery of our new forward plan (2018-2022) with a refreshed vision that builds upon our positive progress in the last few years. We meet four times a year at the Pottery in St. Ives and we are keen to welcome new Trustees that are committed to making a positive contribution to the organisation and, in return, enjoy working alongside the staff and Trustee team.


The Trustees post is voluntary and unpaid but reasonable travel expenses incurred would be covered.

If you are interested in applying to be a Trustee, please write a short letter outlining your interest and particular skills and send it, along with a CV, to by 12 noon on Friday the 4th June 2018.


The Leach Pottery is considered by many to be the birthplace of British studio pottery. One of the great figures of 20th century art, Bernard Leach, played a crucial pioneering role in creating an identity for artist potters across the world. The recently restored Leach Pottery site includes a new museum, created to celebrate the life, work, influences and legacy of Bernard Leach. Exhibition, gallery and shop space provide regular shows throughout the year showcasing work by leading regional, national and international studio potters. The making of Leach pottery on site is a crucial sign of the significance of ceramic production in both symbolic and practical terms.

We are building on the work that has been undertaken to develop the Leach ‘brand’ locally, nationally and internationally in the 10 years since the opening of the museum. There is a centenary programme to celebrate the establishment of the Leach Pottery at St. Ives in 1920.

The Leach Pottery consists of two companies: the Bernard Leach (St Ives) Trust Ltd., a registered UK charity that bridges the heritage and creative sector and Bernard Leach Enterprises Ltd., a significant trading arm that operates the Leach Pottery studio and delivers apprenticeship training.

The Leach Pottery is currently an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (NPO).

Role Description for Board members


The role of Board member is to ensure that Bernard Leach Trust (BLT) complies with all statutory and legal responsibilities, and that the BLT is successful.  Board members ensure that high standards of corporate governance are observed at all times.  Board members are responsible for ensuring the overall strategic direction of BLT, and oversee the delivery of results by monitoring performance against agreed strategic objectives and targets.

Role description


·         To act within the powers of Bernard Leach Trust as set out in the constitution;

·         To promote the success of Bernard Leach Trust ;

·         To exercise independent judgement;

·         To exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence;

·         To avoid conflicts of interest and declare where there may be conflict of interest; and

·         To not accept benefits from third parties.

Strategic leadership

·         To ensure there is a clear vision and strategic direction and that the strategic objectives of Bernard Leach Trust are in line with the objects defined in the constitution and the agreed values; and

·         To monitor progress towards achieving the agreed strategic objectives.

Ensure effective governance

·         To ensure policies and procedures reflect best practice and keep the organisation compliant with the law;

·         To ensure adherence to policies and procedures; and

·         To ensure the sound financial standing of the Trust.

Person specification


·         Understanding of BLT’s operating environment and the key governance requirements for Board members.

Strategic leadership

·         Ability to analyse the environment, set and prioritise objectives; and

·         Ability to make own views known and make decisions in a group environment and in line with strategic objectives.


·         Ability to listen intently, carefully and objectively; and

·         Ability to convey ideas, information and opinions clearly and concisely.


·         Supportive of the chair, fellow Board members and the Director;

·         Ability to challenge the views of others appropriately; and

·         Ability to build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.