Soda Firing With Peter Rose: A 5 Day Masterclass

When: 7-11 October 2019
Where: Clore Studio, Kiln Site & Bernard Leach’s Studio (Day 3 & 5)
Places: 6
Duration: 5 days
- Day 1: 10am-4pm
- Day 2: 10am-4pm
- Day 3: 8am – 8pm (times dependent on kiln firing)
- Day 4: 1pm-4pm
- Day 5: 10am-4pm
Usually 1 hour for lunch: please bring food & drink
Tutor: Peter Rose
Equipment & Materials: provided*
This Course Will:
- give you direct experience and knowledge in soda firing
- provide experience in throwing off the hump
You Will Leave With:
- Your own pots that have been soda fired
- Raw pots that you have thrown off the hump
Level: all welcome
Cost: £520.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about soda firing using your own pots by firing a soda kiln at the Leach Pottery with Peter Rose, a potter with over 30 years’ experience in wood/salt-fired ceramics.

This will be the first soda firing at the Leach Pottery for several years – the last firing in one of our gas kilns before we dismantle and rebuild it.

Day 1
You will be introduced to our soda kiln and learn how the firing works. You will focus on glazing your pots for the kiln, exploring glazes and techniques that produce interesting results in atmospheric firings. After glazing, the kiln will be prepped, ready to be loaded on Day 2.

Day 2
You will focus on loading the kiln, learning about wadding your pots and how the atmosphere effects the work in the kiln. A plan and firing schedule will be drawn up for firing the kiln the following day.

Day 3
This is the soda kiln firing day – you will learn how the kiln is fired and take turns, in organised time slots, to introduce soda into the kiln.

You have the opportunity to spend your non-firing time exploring throwing pots off the hump - a technique that Peter learned in Bizen. This activity is aimed at beginners and more experienced throwers alike and is an expressive exploration of throwing to consider how the flame will hit a particular form and the effect it might give.

A pizza dinner will be provided in the evening, while the firing is finishing.

Day 4
While the kiln is cooling, Peter will give a talk and demonstrations in the afternoon. You will be joined by up to 6 more people who are interested in learning more about Peter’s work. Having explored Peter’s approach to throwing on Day 3, this is a chance to learn more about the sculptural work that Peter also produces:

  • 1pm-2pm: Talk: wood-fired animal sculptures beginning in Japan

  • 2pm-4pm: demonstrations of Peter Rose’s sculptural work.

Day 5
On the final day of the workshop, you will unload the soda kiln and clean up the pots, observing how the atmosphere effected the pots in different areas of the kiln and discuss the results.

There will also be time to finish some of the pots you made on Day 3 – you can take these unfired pots home with you.

*You will need to bring
10-15 bisque fired stoneware or porcelain pieces, each no more than 20cm in height, width, or depth. The clay will need to be rated to 1280°C. The total volume of your work has to, on average, fit within an envelope of 38cm x 69cm x 22cm (h) of space.

Please contact if you’ve any specific questions or requirements.