Pottery Techniques Explained

There are many processes that go into making the Leach Pottery's Standard ware. This series of videos focuses on different elements of the production process; including throwing, slipping, glazing and firing - as described by some of the production potters.

 Lead Potter, Roelof Uys gives us an insight into how the properties of clay led to the initial discovery of throwing and how that process evolved.

  Matt Foster explains the importance of trimming as a way to define, shape and add detail to a pot after it has been thrown.

Britta James describes the history of the pulled handle and the techniques used to achieve this traditional, iconic form.

The process of applying slip to pots is described here by Deputy Studio manager Kat Wheeler, who explains what slip is, what it does and how it adds to the pot overall.

This video looks into the delicate process of brushwork with Shannon Bartlett-Smith, who describes what it means it means to her and what it brings to the life of a Leach pot.

The important process of glazing is described here by Callum Trudgeon, who talks us through the range of glazes used at the Leach Pottery. He describes in detail the properties of glazes and the effects that these properties, along with the firing process, have on the finished look of the pots.

Laurence Eastwood describes the process of firing and gives  a detailed explanation of all the variables and situations to consider.

The vital process of pugging clay, or reclaim is discussed here with Annabelle Smith. Annabelle explains why reclaim is so important and why it's a vital step in not only recycling, but also its significance during the beginning of the pot- making process.