Potter's Prize Draw Details

supporting the Cornwall Potter's Travel Bursary

Exhibition on-site: 15-22 September 2017

Tickets available until 22 September. See list of contributing potters.

A unique exhibition and prize draw of pots from mainly professional potters in Cornwall. The proceeds from the sale will go towards the St Ives Rotary Club Cornwall Potter's Travel Bursary.

Tickets only £15 with a chance to win a pot worth up to £500

Created by the St Ives Rotary Club to complement their ‘Spot the Artist’ exhibition, the Leach Pottery is hosting a ‘Prize Draw’ exhibition during the second week of the St Ives September Festival. ‘Prize Draw’ is a unique exhibition of pots generously donated by Cornish potters.

We initially asked potters to donate a small bowl or mug but many of the potters have been incredibly generous and donated work in all sorts of shapes and sizes - many far larger than anticipated! To give everyone an equal chance at owning a fantastic pot we are holding a prize draw.

There are 30 pots (and counting) and only 500 tickets for sale, so you stand a good chance of winning a pot. If you do not win, you are still supporting the unique, talented, and generous potters of Cornwall who make the pots that we cherish and enjoy.

How it works

  • Draw tickets will be available online and in the Leach Pottery shop at £15 each
  • Or at the Leach Pottery for eight days during the second week of the St Ives September Festival: 15-22 September 2017
  • On the 26 September all the tickets will be put into a hat and anSt Ives Deputy Mayor – Councillor Joan Symons will be asked to select tickets
  • If you win a pot, you will be contacted and you can either collect it from the Leach Pottery or arrange postage
  • Each pot will come with information about the maker.

Why is it important to allow potters to travel?

For several years the Leach Pottery has been hosting potters from all over the world in St Ives. This is an opportunity to allow some potters in Cornwall to experience living and working in other potteries around the world.

Bernard Leach was inspired by his travels in Japan and Korea, we want to carry on this cultural exchange. Our aim is to provide an event which we all enjoy and raise money to support potters from Cornwall to apply for travel bursaries.

 All the pots have been very generously donated by the potters and their help is greatly appreciated.

If you are a potter in Cornwall and would like to apply to the bursary please click here