Specialist Skills Course: Exploring Glazes - Glaze Technology

When: 13-15 September 2019
Where: Clore Studio & Library
Places: 8 (4 teams of 2 for mixing but everyone gets a set of test tiles each)
Duration: Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm; Sunday 10am - 1pm
Tutor: Britta James
Equipment & Materials: if you have your own dust mask please bring it with you, if not we will provide basic masks. Other items provided
This Course Will: teach you some of the science of glazing and how to make and alter your own glazes
You Will Leave With: 45-60 test tiles made using three individual clay bodies*
Level: for beginners & professionals alike - no previous knowledge or practice is required, yet it is also suitable for potters who have not had tuition in glaze chemistry
Cost: £250.

Britta James, one of our Skilled Production Potters, will lead this workshop on glaze technology focussing on how to develop and adjust glazes through blend methods. Course synopsis:

Understanding Glazes

You will gain a basic understanding of what glazes are and how they work, learning how glaze recipes can be altered to develop your own glaze, as well discovering how glaze recipes are calculated. You will learn how the different raw materials affect a glaze as well as troubleshooting. You will:

  • learn the basics of glaze chemistry theory

  • learn about the properties of raw materials

  • learn how to calculate glaze recipes

  • test glazes using blends

  • learn about glaze troubleshooting. 

Day One: Glaze Testing & Basics Of Glaze Chemistry

  • introduction to glaze testing

  • line blend colourant

  • line blend basic raw materials

  • other blending methods

  • introduction glaze technology

  • basics: what is a glaze, what are the important oxides, eutectic mixtures etc.

 Day Two:  Glaze Technology, Calculation Of Recipes

  • properties of glazes (viscosity, surface tension, thermal expansion)

  • properties of oxides/ raw materials

  • calculating glaze recipes.

 Day Three: Troubleshooting, Analysis Of Tests

  • troubleshooting

  • analysis of tests

  • glaze surgery (bring examples of glazes that you have trouble with, for advice). 

*You can also bring test tiles of your own clay body if you want to test them. They will need to be biscuit fired, made from a stoneware clay, and be no larger than 5cm in any dimension.

Please contact office@leachpottery.com if you’ve any specific questions or requirements.