Spot the Potter: Exhibition 2017

15-22 September

(To raise money for the Cornwall Potters Travel Bursary)

Created by the St Ives Rotary Club to compliment the ‘Spot the Artist’ Exhibition, the Leach Pottery will be hosting a ‘Spot the Potter’ Exhibition during the second week of the St Ives September Festival 2017.

The spot the potter exhibition is a unique exhibition and sale of pots from mainly professional potters in Cornwall. The proceeds from the sale will go towards the St Ives Rotary Club Travel Bursary for Potters in Cornwall.

Can you spot a potter without a mark?

Can you spot a potter without a mark?

The sale will take place over the second week St Ives September Festival 2017 (15-22 September) – the catch being that you don't know who made your pot until after you've have bought it.

Each pot bought will come with a certificate and information about the maker.

How it works

The potter’s marks will be out of site but to help, the names of all the potters will be listed separately at the exhibition and on the related page of the Leach Pottery website.
Each piece will be sold for a set price but are worth much more than this. The challenge is to identify the artist and get a bargain.

The pots will be displayed for viewing (anonymously) at the Leach Pottery, Higher Stennack, St Ives, for 8 days, dates from the 15- 22 September.

Our aim is to provide an event which we all enjoy and raise money to support potters from Cornwall to apply for travel bursaries.

 All the pots have been very generously donated by the potters and their help is greatly appreciated.

The web site for The St. Ives September Festival is