The Leach Pottery has organised a series Leach-related talks throughout 2018. Some are being presented by ourselves, others as part of the September Festival.

St Ives September Festival: St Ives Arts Club - 10 & 18 September

St Ives September Festival: Porthmeor Studios - 11 September

  • Michael Leach: A Talk by Frank Campbell & Friends: 11 September, 1030-1130 hours (ticket required)
  • 'Working at The Leach Pottery, Unseen Sequences from 'The Art of the Potter' 1970, Commentary by John Bedding (2017) with Filmmaker Marty Gross: 11 September, 1400-1500 hours (free)
  • 'Bernard Leach & Mingei (Folk Craft)' with Filmmaker Marty Gross: 11 September, 1530-1630 hours (ticket required)
  • Warren MacKenzie Films the Leach Pottery & Visit to the Leach Pottery, 1973 - A Film by Kim Schuefftan and Sekiji Toshio with commentary by John Bedding, with Filmmaker Marty Gross, 11 September, 1630-1730 hours (free).

St Ives September Festival: Leach Pottery - 12 September

Drop-In Talks (entrance to the Museum required) throughout the day:

  • Films & conversation in the Cube Gallery with Filmmaker Marty Gross: 12 September, 1000-1300 hours:

Pottery Making in Japan and Korea, various films on pottery making from the Mingei Film Archive:

- Onggi Pottery Making from ‘In the Land of the Morning Calm’ 1925
- Mashiko Village Pottery 1937
- Mingei in Okinawa 1940
- Hamada Shoji in Mashiko, 1950
- Interview with Hamada Shoji.

  • Talk & Demonstration with Frank Campbell in the Old Pottery: 12 September, 1400-1600 hours:
    An opportunity to talk to Frank, an ex-apprentice of Michael Leach, and watch him demonstrate throwing on a Leach Kick-Wheel.


Recent Talks

'10 Year Celebration Talks'
Good Friday 30 March 2018, at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives  (book on Eventbrite below). Hosted by Professor Simon Olding.

Talk 1: Saving The Leach Pottery
This talk focusses on how the Leach Pottery came to be saved from possible redevelopment. We look forward to hearing contributions from: John Bedding, Tamsin Daniel, and Lady Carol Holland.

Talk 2: The Leach Pottery Fledgling Years
This talk focusses on the emergent years of the newly re-opened Leach Pottery. We look forward to hearing contributions from Jacob Bodilly, Jack Doherty, and Michel Francois.

Talk 3: The Leach Pottery Today
This talk focusses on where the Leach Pottery is today and heading in the future. We look forward to hearing contributions from Libby Buckley, Matthew Foster, Callum Trudgeon, and Roelof Uys.