Young Gi Seo: Exclusive Talk & Demonstrations

When: 9 August 2019
Where: Museum, Library & Clore Studio
Places: Old Pottery: unlimited; Exclusive Talk & Demo: 12
Duration: 11:30-1pm in Museum; 1:30-4pm in Beagle Cross
Cost: £25 (includes entry to the Museum for the day).

This is a rare chance to meet South Korean Potter Young Gi Seo and learn about Korean pottery which has, over millennia, been a source of inspiration on pottery cultures around the world. The main afternoon demonstration will focus on making the iconic Korean moon jar.

Demonstration in the Old Pottery

11:30am-1:00pm in the Museum
A chance to informally meet Young Gi and observe him throwing on our kick-wheels using stoneware clay and making a range of Korean forms. There’ll be an interpretor on-hand to aid discussion.

Cost: Museum Entrance Fee or free entry for Young Gi Talk & Demo ticket holders.

Young Gi Talk & Demo in Beagle Cross

Presentation & Talk

1:30pm-2:30pm in the Library
Introduced by Michel Francois and supported by interpreters, Young Gi will present a range of images exploring his background, experiences, practice and work in Korea.


2:30-4:00pm in the Clore Studio
Young Gi will focus on demonstrating the making of a Korean moon jar using porcelain. Young Gi’s practice is inspired by traditional and contemporary interpretations of Korean pottery. His fascination is best embodied by his exploration of the moon jar - a form associated with Korea since the Joseon Dynasty (founded in 1392).


The moon jar is both iconic and internationally venerated yet, at heart, it is a community pot – a generous form with serenity and stability.

Young Gi Seo is currently in the UK undertaking a joint-residency with Michel Francois in Falmouth, Cornwall which will be followed by Young Gi’s first dedicated UK exhibition previewing at the Leach Pottery on 16 August 2019. This residency marks a milestone in Young Gi’s ongoing creative partnership with Michel who worked with Young Gi in Korea in 2018. Their Korean work has recently enjoyed an exhibition at the Korean Craft Museum.

Young Gi is a renowned potter and exhibitor in South Korea, with a list of solo show credits spanning over two decades, and holds a Professorship at Kyonggi University.

Young Gi Seo working in Korea.

Young Gi Seo working in Korea.

Please contact if you’ve any specific questions or requirements.