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We have a wide range of exhibitions that change throughout the year. Below you'll find details of our current offerings, what's coming soon, and our past exhibitions.


Cube Gallery: Plymouth in Practice/ Tutors

21 January to 12 March 2017

The Leach Pottery is excited to be hosting two new exhibitions by Plymouth College of Art, who will be showcasing the rich and creative ceramic practice exemplified by the College’s talented students, staff, and alumni.

The Museum’s Cube Gallery will also host an exhibition of work by five of the College’s current ceramic teachers who work in the studios. The following makers are featured: Kim Baggley, Dan Chapple, Jason Marks, Maria Psiliagkou, and Chris Taylor.


Reception Gallery:
Plymouth in Practice/ Alumni & Students

21 January- 19 March 2017

The Entrance Gallery at the Leach Pottery will showcase a selling exhibition of selected ceramics from 21 January to 19 March, created by seven current students and recent alumni of Plymouth College of Art, including Chloe Burke, Ellen Woods, Kate Lyons Miller, Miranda Qualtrough, Becky Roberts, Jessica Thorn and Ruth Harrison.

All works for sale.

Coming Soon

March 2017
Clay: That Continuous Material (Cube Gallery): 25 March-27 August
Japanese Connections (selling exhibition): 25 March-11 June

June 2017
Callum Trudgeon: An Apprenticeship (selling exhibition): 17 June-30 July
In House Studio Exhibition 17 June - 3 September

September 2017
Jim Malone solo selling show: 9 September to 29 October
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