Katrina Naomi: Poet in Residence


Katrina Naomi/ 19 January to 2 Feb 2018

We are really excited about having our first ‘Poet in Residence’. Katrina Naomi is a poet, tutor/poetry mentor, translator and critic.

She has received an international grant award from Arts Council England/British Council to travel to Japan in autumn 2017 to work on her third collection. After her residency here she will be coming back on 1st March for a Poetry Workshop. Katrina says;

"I'm delighted to be the first poet-in-residence at the Leach Gallery. I love pottery. I've only done a little myself but there's quite a few crossovers between crafting clay and crafting a poem - all that scraping away, all that editing. I'll really enjoy responding to the present-day potters at work and to Bernard Leach's own studio, the textures, sights and sounds. And I'll have just come back from Japan, home to many fabulous potters, and of course, to famous poets, and I will be seeking out more of the Japanese connections at the Gallery and writing in response to all of this. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks. And then I hope to run a poetry workshop on 1 March and do a reading a little later in the year of some of the poems to have come out of the residency. I can't wait."