Leach Volunteers

The Leach Pottery welcomes volunteers from home and abroad who are able to apply their practical skills and knowledge across our activities in the museum, the Clore learning studio and the working pottery. Volunteers are an invaluable part of our infrastructure and as a registered charity we are extremely grateful for the time and skills that our volunteers are able to bring to our organisation.
For more details of how to get involved as a volunteer please contact madeleine@leachpottery.com or telephone 01736 799703.

We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas;

  • Learning & Participation

  • Museum

  • Collections Management

  • Studio (currently a long waiting list)

  • Gardening

There are different ways to volunteer. If you live locally and can spare a few hours a week you could join us on a long term basis or for shorter specific projects.

If you live further away we might be able to supply accommodation onsite and a small weekly stipend in exchange for a fixed time period of full time involvement.

Studio Volunteer Placements - Currently Unavailable

Unfortunately we are not currently taking on any new studio volunteers. There will be no spaces before November 2019.

When we do have spaces, there will be an application process and dates will be available here. We will have an open call and selection process- short listing and interview for any new production volunteers.

2018 Volunteer

October 2017 - October 2018: SHANNON BARTLETT-SMITH

Shannon Bartlett-Smith. Photo by Charley Gaidoni.

Shannon Bartlett-Smith. Photo by Charley Gaidoni.

Shannon began working with clay while studying at Bristol School of Art. She was fortunate at Bristol to have mentors who were generous with their experience and helped her to begin her journey. Shannon moved to Cornwall and further developed her creative skills while studying Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University. As a part of her course, she had the opportunity to explore many different mediums and particularly thrived in the art of paper cutting and installation. However, her interest in ceramics never waned and she began volunteering on the weekends at the Leach Pottery, gaining valuable experience in studio production and an understanding of the Leach ethos.  After graduating in 2015 with a BaHONs in Contemporary Craft, Shannon was shortlisted for the New Designers “Designer of the year, 2015” award. She went on to show her work in exhibitions including New Designers- One Year On and Paperscissors Book. In 2017, she had her first solo exhibition at LINLEY, Belgravia in London titled Journeys in Paper.

After Shannon’s success with her paper cut work, she decided it was time to return her focus to ceramics. She returned to the Leach Pottery in 2017 as a full time workshop volunteer. Being immersed in the production workshop has helped her to improve her throwing and decorating skills. Shannon has discovered a real passion for brushwork, which incorporates the design elements she enjoys in her paper-cut work with the tactile and practical aspects of working in clay.

Examples of Recent Volunteers

November 2016-17  - CARSON CULP

Carson Culp- Studio Volunteer 2017

Carson Culp- Studio Volunteer 2017

Carson Culp joined us in November 2016 from the USA. His relationship with clay started in Portland, Oregon where he was heavily involved with the ceramics community it offered. Working at the Multnomah Arts Center, Mudshark Studios, and Kelly Pottery allowed him to develop skills and experience he would have never achieved in an academic environment.

'My work is a reflection of place and tradition with being drawn to mainly functional forms that show balance and quality. Working with porcelain and traditional celadon glazes was developed during my apprenticeship at kelly Pottery and my love for atmospheric firing processes occured during my time spent with the wood fire community in Oregon. I have come to the Leach to gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a studio potter, focus on my craft, and eventually incorporate the traditions I am learning into my life's work.'



Cecilia Levratto was a resident volunteer working in the Museum and Library, and with the Learning & Participation Officers  throughout 2016. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Cecilia graduated in History, specializing in the study of cultural and artistic movements. During her residency she  supported the Pottery’s exhibition and education programmes and catalogued the extensive library of books donated by Mary Wondrausch and the Emmanuel Cooper estate. 

‘I discovered the work of Bernard Leach on a previous visit to the UK’ says Cecilia. ‘The more I learned about his work and philosophy the more fascinated I became, and now it is a pleasure to be working in the place where he and others created much of what I admire. I believe strongly in the social importance of museums and that the objects which were part of the human history, everyday objects, should be accessible to the general public.

Cecilia Levratto in the library at Beagle Cross. Photo by John Bedding

Cecilia Levratto in the library at Beagle Cross. Photo by John Bedding

Working here will give me invaluable experience in my chosen field, and by participating in various projects I hope I will be helping the Leach Pottery to maintain its excellence as a museum.’Cecilia’s work with the Wondrausch and Cooper acquisitions is paving the way for a new public and online library resource which, it is hoped, will be available in early 2018.


Lexie Macleod is from the Black Isle just north of Inverness in Scotland and is working in the Production Studio at the Leach Pottery for 6 months. Lexie graduated from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen in 2013 where she discovered her love of ceramics and since then she has developed her skills with potters on Orkney and in Cromarty, Scotland before heading to us in Cornwall.