Current Exhibitions

We have a wide range of exhibitions that change throughout the year. Below you'll find details of our current offerings, what's coming soon, and our past exhibitions.


'Japanese Connections'

25 March 2017 to 11 June 2017
Entrance Gallery

Featuring an eclectic range of styles, materials, and approaches to making pots, potters from Japan and Cornwall will feature:

Shinsaku Hamada, the second son of Leach Pottery co-founder Shoji Hamada, visited the Leach Pottery in 1963. Tomoo Hamada, Shinsaku’s son, first visited the Leach Pottery in 1995 and also works in Mashiko.

Shigeyoshi Ichino, from the Tamba region of Japan, worked at the Leach Pottery from 1969-73. Koie Ryoji, from Tokaname, Japan, visited the Leach Pottery in 2010.

Kat Wheeler, one of our Production Potters, worked at the Hamada Pottery in Mashiko for a 10 week residency in 2015.


‘Clay: That Continuous Material’

25 March 2017 to 27 August 2017
Cube Gallery

A most amazing natural and versatile material, clay can be thrown on the potter’s wheel and even moulded by hand, then transformed by the heat of the kiln into a hard stone-like material: it has been used this way for millennia.

‘Clay: That Continuous Material’ looks at the story of clay from the pioneering early days of the Leach Pottery, which made its own clays, to clays’ relationship with Cornwall. The old clay drops, by the side of the Pottery, have been brought back to life with clay from St Agnes and china clay, unprocessed and direct from the clay pit, to help give a feel for the material and how the Old Pottery used to work.