Leach Seasalt Apprenticeship

Annabelle Smith   , 3rd Apprentice

Annabelle Smith, 3rd Apprentice

Matthew Foster   , 2nd Apprentice

Matthew Foster, 2nd Apprentice

Annabelle Smith was taken on as our 3rd Seasalt Apprentice in Autumn 2017.

The next apprenticeship will begin in Autumn 2019. This is a 24 month placement at foundation level aimed at someone with little or no previous experience of ceramics and with priority given to those based permanently in Cornwall.

Cornish lifestyle label, Seasalt, provide the opportunity to train and study as a potter here at the Leach Pottery in St Ives as part of their Seasalt Bursary.

History of the Seasalt Bursary

Founded in West Cornwall in 1981, Seasalt is a family firm with its roots firmly embedded in the community where it began. Since the Leach Pottery's restoration and reopening as a charity in 2008, Seasalt has enthusiastically supported its work as a museum, pottery production studio and training centre. In 2013 Seasalt's Joint Managing Director, Neil Chadwick, came up with the idea of the Seasalt Bursary to support a new trainee at the Leach Pottery and in 2014 the search began. Applications from as far afield as Spain and the USA, but in the event the first apprentice, Callum Trudgeon, came from just a few streets away from the Pottery. 

Callum Trudgeon, Seasalt Apprentice 2014-15: "I always wanted to be a ‘maker’ but I thought I would have to leave Cornwall to have any chance of a meaningful career. I was born in St Ives, so being able to work and study here is fantastic. Opportunities to work at a pottery with this kind of history and reputation are hard to come by. It’s a special place and I feel very lucky so I’ve put my all into this apprenticeship."

Callum Trudgeon   , 1st Apprentice

Callum Trudgeon, 1st Apprentice