Carson Culp: A Year At The Leach
Celebrating The Work Of Our Volunteers

Preview (all welcome): 17 November 2017, 6pm onwards
18 November to 1 December 2017.


The Leach Pottery is excited to present new pots from Carson Culp who has just completed a year's voluntary work with the Leach Pottery Studio. Carson has proved a valuable member of the Team and, after working on the Studio's pots for 11 months, he has spent his last month working on interpreting the Studio's forms and taking time to experiment.

Carson joined us in November 2016 from the USA. His relationship with clay started in Portland, Oregon where he was involved with the ceramics community. Working at the Multnomah Arts Center, Mudshark Studios, and Kelly Pottery, allowed him to develop skills and experience different to those found in an academic environment.

Says Carson: 'My work is a reflection of place and tradition, being drawn to mainly functional forms that show balance and quality. I worked with porcelain and traditional celadon glazes during my apprenticeship at kelly Pottery and my love for atmospheric firing processes developed during my time with the wood fire community in Oregon. I came to the Leach to gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a studio potter, focus on my craft, and eventually incorporate the traditions I am learning into my life's work.'

Carson says: 'I'm anticipating some nice pots from the kiln and expecting some experimental pieces to come out. I have been making traditional Leach forms like jugs, sake bottle vases, storage jars, chargers, and a range of domestic wares. I am really excited!'

The exhibition runs in the Leach Pottery Shop.