Exhibition:David and Margaret Frith

9th July - 4th September 2016

David and Margaret Frith have been making pots for more than fifty years. They trained in the oriental tradition at Stoke-on-Trent College of Art under ex-Leach apprentice Derek Emms before establishing their first pottery together in the mid-1960s, and now live and work at Brookhouse Pottery in Denbigh, North Wales.

Making beautiful, complimentary pots in the domestic style, these two celebrated artist nevertheless take distinctly different approaches to their work. David’s wood-fired, stoneware pieces are thrown, pressed or slabbed and finished in tenmoku, celadon and ash glazes. Multiple layers of glaze, combined with wax resist, trailed pigments and distinctive, heavy over-glazes are paired with Hakeme brush work to create bold surface decoration. In contrast, Margaret’s delicate, thrown porcelain works are carved, fluted and decorated with subtler, more refined surface patterns using various techniques, including layered ash and celadon glazes, wax resist and elegant freehand brushwork.

This exhibition of over 60 new works celebrates the ongoing career of two of the country’s most respected potters, and gave an insight into the influence of the Leach tradition, amongst many others, on the development of the Frith’s work over half a century.

Some of the works are still for sale in the Museum Shop. If interested please contact the shop on shop@leachpottery.com or Tel: 01736 799 703 for more details.