Fire it Up: 2016

Saturday 5 November 2016 to January 2017

Friday 4th November saw the opening of our Studio's 'Fire it Up' exhibition, which included a live firing of a sculpture in a specially constructed kiln.

In celebration of Bonfire Night, we shared something of the excitement, fear and fun of a potter’s profession by inviting you to a live firing of our specially constructed kiln. The kiln was opened, whilst still white hot, revealing a fully intact, glowing ceramic sculpture.

 ‘Fire It Up’ is an exhibition of collaborative and individual works by our talented Studio team.

Demonstrating the skill and creativity of Lead Production Potter Roelof Uys and his team of Standard Ware production potters Kat Wheeler, Britta James, Callum Trudgeon, Matt Foster, Laurence Eastwood and Lexie Macleod, this exhibition gave a fascinating insight into the mutual influence of one potter on another, and hinted at the beginnings of a contemporary Leach Pottery ‘house style’.

Some works for still sale in our shop.