19th March - 8th May

On show from 19 March is the Leach Heritage exhibition, the companion show for Trevor Corser: 40 Years a Leach Potter. It includes heritage pots made at the Leach Pottery from the mid 1960’s onward, including pots made by Trevor both at the Leach Pottery and Gaolyard Studios, heritage pots from the Walker Collection including work by William Marshall, Shigeyoshi Ichino, and Janet and Bernard Leach, and a selection of the old Leach Standard Ware. The Walker Collection, acquired during a lifelong passion for ceramics, was kindly donated to the Leach by Geoffrey Walker. Geoffrey felt it timely to now pass on his collection and for the works to find new homes and be appreciated by a wider audience. In this respect he has allowed us to sell off selected pieces in order to initiate an acquisition fund which will enable us to buy important work relevant to the Leach Pottery’s heritage.

This exhibition stands as a testament to the Leach style during a period of high productivity and commercial stability. The workshop was producing work of consistent quality and served as a benchmark, and blueprint, for others to follow, and there was a creative energy within the workshop at that time which encouraged the students and staff potters to express themselves through their individual work. As such, Leach Heritage gives a glimpse of a time when Trevor Corser sat alongside some of the major players in the world of studio pottery. 

This exhibition runs from 19 March to 8 May in the Leach Pottery Entrance Gallery. All works are for sale.