Glazing Information


Our range of stoneware glazes are selected and developed for their quality and colour and are laboratory tested for food safety. The pots are fired to 1280 degrees Celsius, resulting in a dense and durable product. During the firing, the amount of oxygen in the kiln's atmosphere is reduced and the flame pulls oxygen from the clay and glazes instead, infusing the glazes with deep, rich, iron tones.

Our porcelain Leach standard ware is decorated with a ying Ching glaze and the rim of each piece is then brushed with iron oxide. 

Due to the unpredictability of the firing process and materials, all glaze finishes are unique and can vary significantly.

Our Glazes


  • ASH: mixed using locally sourced wood ash, this glaze is a soft translucent GREEN, tending towards subtle variations, depending on the ash supplied
  • TENMOKU: originating in China, this iron-rich glaze recipe provides a deep BLACK finish, breaking to RED-BROWN where the glaze is thinner
  • DOLOMITE: this creamy WHITE glaze is named after the high percentage of the mineral dolomite in the mix. Iron in the clay body comes through, lending the glaze a hint of blue
  • SHINO: originating from Japan, shino glaze is rich in feldspar. With the iron in our clay, this glaze appears natural RED-ORANGE when applied thin, and a speckled white when thick


  • YING CHING : A small percentage of iron oxide in the ying ching gives the glaze a soft translucent BLUE tone, accentuating the qualities of the porcelain beneath. The rim of each piece brushed with iron oxide gives the rims a BROWN-OCHRE hue.