Robert Fishman

Robert Fishman

Robert Fishman

Robert Fishman has been making pots since 1970.  After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in 1974 from Rhode Island College, Robert accepted an apprenticeship at the Leach Pottery, where he studied and worked with Bernard and Janet Leach from 1976-1978.  In 1979, Robert worked as a Production Potter at Spring Pottery, Newport, Rhode Island and in 1980 he opened his own private studio in North Scituate, RI, from where he creates his functional, wheel-thrown pottery.

Robert exhibits widely in more than 100 museum shops, galleries and gift shops and at numerous craft shows. 

 In July 2018 the Leach Pottery presented the exhibition ‘Reunion’ as part of our 10 Year anniversary celebrations, which included working potters, who had formerly trained or worked alongside Bernard Leach at the Pottery.  The pots presented here for Potter of the Month were part of that exhibition.

In his own words when asked what striking memories from his time at the Leach Pottery, Robert says:

‘ What immediately comes to mind is throwing on the treadle wheel alongside my mentors, John Bedding and Trevor Corser’.

 ‘I equally recall fond memories of monthly dinners with Bernard. Dinner would usually be followed by his tactile critique of my recently thrown pots’

 ‘As a student my work was heavily influenced by my heroes in clay, today my work is inspired by my community, my peers, my perception’.