Simon Leach


Simon is the youngest son of David Leach, was born in 1956 shortly after David set up Lowerdown Pottery in Devon. His work draws on the early influences of his life amongst a family of potters - the work of his father and grandfather, and both Japanese and Korean art.

Simon trained and worked at his father’s pottery at Lowerdown from 1979 until 1984 before establishing his own pottery studio near Exeter, making stoneware porcelain and raku. In 1990 he moved to Castellon province in eastern Spain, but since 2010 has lived and worked in Williamsburg, USA.

Simon is well known for his instructional videos and publications which are widely used by student potters around the world.

'My work has become a natural expression of what is personal to me. I find the on-going challenge of discovering my own visual language and voice as a potter both exciting and rewarding. It is a lifetime journey.’  Simon Leach