Sustainable Packaging

We use recyclable, biodegradable or recycled packaging when wrapping our products, whether you buy from the shop or receive an order from the webshop. Here’s what we use:

  • Biodegradable Wrapping

    We use a die-cut craft paper with a tissue interleaf system to wrap and pack pots. The paper expands to create a 3D honeycomb structure which provides a unique and environmentally friendly wrapping product that cushions and protects.

  • Eco Loose Fill

    Biodegradable loose fill packaging chips, from corn starch - can be composted without leaving a trace.

  • Brown Paper Tape

    Environmentally friendly, with silicon- free backing. For wrapping pots and sealing boxes for transportation

  • Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

    A special additive is included during production to allow the bubble film to be biodegradable within 12-24 months.

  • Cardboard Boxes and Brown Paper Bags

    Paper bags are used in the shop, and cardboard boxes to send orders out

We also re-use any packaging materials that we receive from potters or manufacturers. These can be polystyrene chips, remnants of bubble wrap, newspaper etc. We do not throw these away and we would encourage you to do the same!

We aim to reduce un-recyclable waste to a minimum.