Yumi Seko

Yumi Seko

Yumi Seko

Based in Japan, Yumi makes pots with porcelain and carves them by hand. In Japan, there are many auspicious motifs - more so when the pattern is continuous. Motifs with un-broken patterns are associated with prosperity.

 I like to carve these continuous motifs, loved by Japanese people from long ago, on my pots - they also function as talisman, to bring good luck.

 1972  Born in Tokyo

1995Graduated from Keisen University, Tokyo. Studied abroad in Italy

2006  Entered the Kasama College of Ceramic Art

2007  Began apprenticeship at the Hamada Pottery under Tomoo Hamada

2012  Trained at the Leach Pottery for one year

2014  Established personal studio in Hamura, Tokyo.