Andile Dyalvane

Andile Dyalvane working at the Leach Pottery

Andile Dyalvane working at the Leach Pottery

Artist-In-Residence: 13 May - 5 July 2019

Andile began making pots almost as soon as he arrived and is now working in the Old Pottery most days and times during the week. You can take photos of him working and Andile is often available to talk about his work.

From South Africa, Andile is co-founder of Imiso Ceramics Gallery and Design Studios in Cape Town. The collections are inspired by heritage, traditions, and culture. As a Jola clansman of the amaXhosa tribe, Andile highlights cultural preservations, narratives and resources through his work. He captures urban landscapes and recollections of the ever-changing environments that confront him in the city. Andile is a ‘clay storyteller’ and currently based in Woodstock, Cape Town.

We have an exciting talk & demo, and workshop, planned with Andile as well as an exhibition of his work made in-residence in the Entrance Gallery.