Andile Dyalvane: Talk & Demo

When: 14 June 2019
Where: Library & Clore Studio
Places: 12
Duration: 1:30-4pm
Cost: £25.

This is a rare opportunity to meet South African Andile Dyalvane and learn about African traditions and his contemporary exploration of culture and storytelling through the medium of clay.

Part 1: Presentation & Documentary

Andile will begin with an introduction and presentation about his practice, supported with images and sound. He will then screen an 18 minute documentary about his travels: ‘Clay Adventures with Andile’.

Part 2: Demonstration

Andile will demonstrate his unique coiling and surface decoration techniques in the Clore Studio.

Sound interesting? Join Andile for a 2-day weekend Masterclass: Creative Coiling & Surfaces.

Andile Dyalvane.

Andile Dyalvane.

Please contact if you’ve any specific questions or requirements.