Peter Rose

Peter Rose working at the Leach Pottery

Peter Rose working at the Leach Pottery

Artist-In-Residence: 26 August - 11 October 2019

Born 1956 in Adelaide, Australia, Peter gained a Bachelor of Education (1981), in History & Art, from Flinders University. He then pursued training in design at O’Halloran Hill Technical School. Peter then went to the South Australian School of Art for printmaking.

Becoming more interested in pottery, Peter decided to go to Japan and worked as an apprentice in Bizen, a town renown for wood firing. He spent 2 years learning about wood firing, the tea ceremony, and the Zen philosophy associated with the history of this clay tradition.

After Japan, Peter returned to South Australia, becoming a clay trainee for 2 years at the Jam Factory. He then travelled to the USA and England working in various potteries for the next 2 years.

Peter settled in Tennessee in 1987, establishing Potters Pond Pottery and built a wood kiln in 1989 – where he continues to work as a Professional Potter.

In 2005, Peter co-founded the Imani Workshops in Eldoret, Kenya – a social enterprise created to provide hope and sustainable income opportunities for HIV homeless women.